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Here are a few of the products you will find in our botanic garden throughout the year to enjoy. All of our products are organic. Each one is nurtured with our own spring well water, compost, then cultivated and harvested by hand.

This is one of the finest gardens you will find on the coast of Oaxaca, Mexico.

Aloe Vera
Palma Real
Hierba Santa



Our garden center is open to the public.


Our goal is to promote a richer, greener local environment with the enthusiasm of growing. Our market strategy came about with twenty-three years residing and growing in the area.


The garden center will be offering hand made clay pots from the region, water fountains, and garden accessories. Along with fresh herbs, exotic flowers, cactus, tropical trees and natural supplements for your garden. Our own organic salsa and marmalade will also be available.


The botanic Garden is located directly behind Mermejita beach. Only separated and protected by a natural reserve of mesquite. It is one of two Oaxacan nesting grounds for the rare Leatherback turtle. It is a sanctuary with endangered species.


The town of Mazunte is home to an impressive turtle museum. The museum displays numerous varieties of turtles, offering guided tours for a moderate fee and is only a fifteen minute hike from the garden.


Punta Cometa, the southernmost point in Oaxaca is located directly in front of the garden and a fabulous place to be at sunset. There is a fantastic beachfront walk offering amazing views, wildlife, plants and a natural “swimming pool”.


The coast of Oaxaca is one of the richest regions in the world for its birds and wildlife. While you are visiting with us at the garden, you are guaranteed to observe a wide range of interesting and unusual species. For instance, at the lagoon in Ventanilla you can get as close as you’ll want to be to 12 foot crocodiles.


We can arrange and reserve boat tours, swim with the turtles, whale watching, scuba diving, fishing, horseback riding, etc. A walk through the orchard and gardens allows you to enjoy the true natural sanctuary. You will enjoy the fresh organic fruits, vegetables and herbs used in our gourmet cuisine made fresh daily.


We hope to see you soon!

General Info

English & Spanish Spoken Fluently
Canadia-Oaxacan Family Owner Operators
Pioneers of the Area Since 1988
30 Years of Garden Design & Building
Knowledge & Experience with Contractors & Personnel of the Region
Ocean Front Property & Magical Sunsets
Mature Tropical Trees
100% Organic
Unlimited Water Supply from Garden Wells
Solar Power
Botanic garden surrounded by 9 acres of protected wildlife and gardens
Direct Access to Beach from Garden
Airports Huatulco/Puerto Escondido
New Highway with Improved Access to Garden
Garden located 1km from the Turtle Museum of Mazunte.
40 Minutes from Central Huatulco

Location Information

The garden is located on the pristine Pacific coast of Oaxaca, Mexico, only 40 minutes from the resort towns of Huatulco and Puerto Escondido.


AIRPORTS: Huatulco / Puerto Escondido: 45 min toBotanic Garden/ Rancho Cielo De Tortugas.
OAXACA CITY: Daily flights to Huatulco/Puerto Escondido or a six hour drive through the mountains to the coast.
RENT A CAR: Airports – or- Taxi readily available from both airports to the botanic garden.

Mexico’s hidden gem, Mermejita Beach is blessed with warm ocean water throughout the year.

It is as warm or warmer then Hawaii or Caribbean.

Average temperature 80oF.
Average rain season June – November.
Growing zone 9 through 11, ideal all year long growing season.
Low risk area of hurricanes (data obtained from NOAA coastal services center)
Mermejita Beach nesting ground for the rare leather back turtles.
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About Us

We arrived in 1988, a family of three, to reside and work the land and be on the warm Pacific coast of Oaxaca Mexico. Then, Mazunte was a small quaint fishing village of around seventy natives or so. They welcomed us with open arms and to this day we are close friends. The village has transformed into an international eco-friendly tourist town. We have dedicated our lives growing organically, planting daily for three decades. We’ve turned poor sandy soil into gorgeous fertile growing material. No chemicals, toxins or machines have touched the earth we walk on. Our water supply arrives from our hand dug wells which provide life for the island like an oasis.


The ranch has a dream like feel when you enter through the gates. Hundreds of birds , animal life, tropical insects, land crabs, etc. greet you as you stroll throughout the garden. Over the years we’ve had the pleasure to consume a wide variety of exotic flavors from the grounds. As the pioneers of Mermejita beach we welcome the travellers from afar as well our new neighbours entering the area after being secluded for so long.

Thank you again for the privilege of letting us be the true stewards of this land.

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